Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Company, not only is Infiniti solely licensed to Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain for distribution throughout Kuwait, Al Babtain Group have recently launched the first exclusive Infiniti showroom in Kuwait and the Middle East.


Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain is the sole appointed agent for Nissan Motor Co. in the state of Kuwait, with eight service centers and thirteen spare parts facilities, conveniently located throughout Kuwait.


Since 1984, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al Babtain has been the sole distributor for both citron passenger cars & light commercial vehicles (LVC) in Kuwait.


Renault’s symbol represents a vision of success & refinement. As a leader in French vehicles in Europe, Renault has revolutionized the automotive industry with its unique designs & technological breakthrough.

National Computer Services [NCS]

NCS has been in the forefront of the IT Industry in the Middle East providing unparalleled business solutions to leading organizations & government entities all around the region. Since its launch in 1978, NCS has expanded its portfolio of services as well as its operations in the region representing more than 30 international companies and has its branches in Kuwait [HQ], Bahrain, UAE, Qatar & Egypt. It provides a comprehensive range of information technology solutions, which cover Hardware & Storage Solutions, Software Services, Business Consultation Services, and Facility Management Solutions etc.


Al Babtain Group has its industrial arm with the manufacturing division, Kuwait Paints Company (KPC). KPC is a market leader in innovative product such as Hi-Texcote, exterior long life texture coating, rooftex water proofing brand and Multi-color a fully integrated color system offering over 20,000 attractive shades.

Real Estate

Egypt is considered as one of the world’s oldest and most inspiring civilizations emerged on the banks of the fertile Nile River, surrounded by an immense desert. Today Egypt is a vivid country with a sense of life, adding to it the policies of the Egyptian government towards direct foreign Investment has created a great attraction towards this gift of the Nile.

The Group has recognized this potential and started a number of real estate projects in Egypt, focusing on constructing many standard real estate projects including commercial & residential projects located in three major cities i.e. Cairo , Alexandria & Sharm El Sheikh. Apart from these it has world class Star Hotels like Sharm Holiday, Sharm Cliff at par with the finest standards of hospitality.

Al Babtain Finance

Al Babtain Finance Company began operations with the launch of the first Auto Finance Department in February 2007. Now both citizens and expatriates alike are able to own the car of their choice through Al Babtain Group’s in-house financing services. Applications for loans are made simple and applicants who meet the credit terms are processed quickly, enabling them to make their automotive dreams a reality.